With more than 20 years of Vespa scooter experience under our belt, we at Jin Cheng Motor & Trading consider ourselves one of the pioneers of the Vespa businesses in Singapore. Our love of the Vespa scooter has brought us to where we are today, what started from road trips to Malaysia has become a business that is dedicated to the Vespa itself.

Jin Cheng Motors deals only with manual scooters, the upkeep and belief of the clutched scooter is fast receding, taken over by newer automatic scooters. The long-standing tradition of the scooter being full manual has immortalized the original Vespa. Since these “vintages” are no longer in production, they might even increase in value overtime.

Every vintage has to go through a detailed inspection and even a test run by the boss before it can be released back to our customers, so as to ensure quality in every Vespa that comes from us.

With this website, we hope you find adequate information before making an informed decision. If you ever stop by our garage, we hope to serve you efficiently and with passion. We aim for 100% satisfaction every time.